Online or On-Site Corporate Training

Comedy Driving, Inc. can be taken online by your employees. By taking the defensive driving classes online, they can take it at their own pace, logging in and out as they have time.

We also can teach on-site defensive driving training at your corporation. Corporate or Fleet classes can be offered for as low as $10 for individuals taking a class for their corporation, for a fleet, or safety requirements.

Our classes are a great addition to Monthly safety meeting training, Quarterly safety meeting training, and Annual safety meeting training.

Give us a call at 1-866-357-2020 for more details, and ask for Jeff or Mario.

We look after your number #1 asset: Your Employees
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Reasons for Corporate Defensive Driving Training

  1. The #1 reason behind fatalities at work is driving.
  2. The #1 reason for work related injuries is driving.
  3. Driver training is often overlooked because driving is so common.
  4. Potential insurance discounts for employees.
  5. 20% of Commercial Drivers make up to 40% of total accidents.
  6. Curriculum is taught by Comedy Driving Inc, which has taught hundreds of thousands of drivers across the state of Texas.
  7. Save time and money by being proactive instead of reactive.
  8. Course is structured to your needs and time frames.
  9. Important low cost safety training... that gets everyone's attention in an interactive way in an area of great need.
  10. With our growing litigious society: showing any court (or jury) that you took preemptive measures to prevent accidents and injuries to employees can possibly save your company from damages, negative media reputation, and other costs.

Companies We've Worked With

Here are some of the corporate locations that Comedy Driving has taught or continues to teach seminars and/or defensive driving classes across Texas: Exxon (multiple locations), Shell (multiple locations), Chevron, British Petroleum, Technip, Valero, Dupont Refinery, Federal Aviation Administration (multiple locations), Basa Catalyst, YMCA, Champion Technologies, Railroad Commission, Cotton Restoration, Briggs Equipment, Houston Zoo, MHMR, Houston Blood Center, Lyondell Chemical Corporation, Yummi Ice Cream Corporation
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