On-Site Defensive Driving Training

On-Site Defensive Driving Classes

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We often get the question: do you offer defensive driving classes held at our business?

The answer is yes, through our on site driver training programs, we will come out to your business location and teach your employees defensive driving.

Some of the benefits of on-site defensive driving include:

  • Decrease the possibility of accidents
  • Reduce the number of driving citations for commercial drivers
  • Proactively educate to increase driving safety awareness for fleet drivers and also administrative employees
  • Help lower monthly insurance costs

Custom Corporate Defensive Driving Classes

We can custom tailor a class to meet your needs. By choosing the exact option you like, we can provide you with the most efficient course for you and your employees. Some of the many items we can change to suit your needs are:

  • Length of Class
  • Specific Topics
  • Weekdays or Weekends
  • Flexible Schedule


Our classes can be one hour, multiple hours, or even spread out over multiple Days. We can also accommodate both small and large scale audiences.

About Our Instructors

Our on-site corporate defensive driving classes are taught by professional comedians, but our jokes have been refined for corporate settings. All comedy is done in a professional and tasteful manner. By combining humor with education, we have found that students learn and retain more information.

Each instructor is certified by the Texas Education Agency and Region XIII to teach defensive driving in the State of Texas

Our corporate instructors maintain the highest ratings in the industry through rigorous training and feedback from our clients.

Common Questions About Our Certificates of Completion

Each student attending our class will receive via e-mail a certificate of completion, stating that they completed our corporate defensive driving class. Each certificate will contain the students name and date they completed the course.

Need On-Site Training?

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