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Today defensive driving courses or traffic dismissal courses are technically called Online Driving Safety Courses in Texas. The general population in Texas, however, does refer to the class as a defensive driving class. In other states, they use names such as ticket dismissal schools, point reduction classes, traffic safety schools, driver improvement programs, driver improvement course; the list goes on and on. Whatever the course is called they serve the same and the main reason, no matter what state, most residences go to an Online Driving Safety Course in Texas because they have violated a vehicle moving violation law. The purpose of having an alternative to paying the full fine and having an incident in your record is to simply avoid having a bad incident on your record. This is the residence point of view.

From the courts’ perspective, taking an online driving safety school in Texas, their primary focus is education and awareness. Without educational course providers, like Comedy Driving, there are really no other methods for courts to educate the general public on public transportation laws. Most Texas residences, just like all other Americans, do not go to the local department of transportation office and pick up a driver manual with the latest revisions of laws or new laws for their state every single year. The state of Texas has resolved this dilemma by simply creating a Texas driving safety course that serves as a method to educate the general population.

What kind of education? As mentioned earlier, laws are revised and new laws are created every year. With more and more drivers on the road every year local governments revise roadway and highway laws to meet the needs of the growing public. A good example of a law revision is also a very controversial law, red-light cameras. In the City of Houston red light cameras have been a way of life for several years. As of 2011, this law was revised to make it no longer valid to assist the City of Houston in making drivers pay a fine for running red lights. In the near future, the state of Texas is looking to revise the speed in which you can travel on some Texas highways. This increase would allow drivers to reach up to 85mph from the previously allowed speed of 70mph.

New laws are created every year, most notably as of March 2010, Texas drivers that are between the ages of 18 and 25 are now required to take a Driver Training and Education course. This means that before they can obtain a Texas driver’s license they must complete a 6-hour driver education course. Do not confuse this course with a defensive driving course.

Texas Driving Safety Courses make the general public aware of safe driving techniques. Courses such as www.comedydriving.com include in their curriculum information which contains statistics of crash fatalities, drunk driving fatalities and the list goes on. For example, in 2009, 33,808 people were killed in the U.S. Also, in 2010 drivers that had .10 BAC (blood alcohol content) or greater were more likely to have had a prior DWI conviction. Texas Driving Safety courses help drivers be more aware of their driving environments. Subjects like aggressive driver awareness, sleep-deprived drivers and distracted driving are just a few subjects to name that they cover.

The driving safety courses which are provided by the states are intended to educate and inform the general public for the purpose of having better drivers and safer roadways. No matter what your state uses to reference the courses they are there to help you. Please call us to find out more great information on the Texas driving safety course at 713-465-0058 or e-mail us at comedydriving@comedydriving.com.

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