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Learn to Drive

Learn to Drive

Instant Certificate Delivery

Instant Certificate Delivery

Free Written Test

Free Written Test

Only $29.95

Only $69.00 $29.95


Are You Ready?

Are you ready to start driving?  Get your permit after the first 6 hours of instruction.  Continue the course, and drive with your parent, and you will have your license before you know it!

Our interactive parent taught driver's ed course is approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and regulation.

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  • Interactive Content

Our Parent Taught Drivers Ed Course

Our PTDE course is state certified by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation

Take On Any Device

Our course is designed to work on Desktop, Phone or Tablet Devices.

Instant Certificate

Instant downloadable certificate delivery is available.

In-Course Written Test

We include the in-course written test.  Skip the DPS!

TDLR Course & Drivers Permit

Our course is approved by the TDLR, and our online written test is approved by the Texas Deparment of Public Safety (DPS).   No need to go in person to take the test!   

Texas Drivers Ed Online

Take your drivers education course online in the convenience of your own home.   You can complete it at your own pace and on any PC or mobile device.  Our Texas parent taught drivers ed never expires, and is fast and easy!

Engaging Content

Our course has been developed to be both educational and entertaining.  Learning doesn't have to be in the same old boring style of years past.  Interactive pages, videos, and animations will make it easy to learn!

99.9% of Our Students Pass the Driving Test on

Their First Try
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Start Your Course Today!

Start your course today and get your permit after the first 6 hours of instruction!

Steps To Take PTDE Course

6 Easy Steps to Complete Your Parent Taught Drivers Ed Course

  • 1

    Sign Up

    Sign up for Comedy Driving's fast and easy Texas State Approved PTDE course.  This course is designed for teens ages 14-17.

  • 2

    Order Your PTDE Packet

    We will send you instructions on your next steps, including the link to purchase the PTDE from the TDLR for $20.00.

  • 3

    Take the Written Test

    Complete the first 6 hours of our course, and take our easy written test.  We will then send you your certificate of completion!

  • 4

    Get Your Permit

    Take all of your forms to the DPS.  Complete your eye exam there, and you will get your Texas Learners Permit!

  • 5

    Continue the Course

    Finish taking the online course, and keep track of your 44 hours of driving in the vehicle with your parent/instructor.  

  • 6

    Get your License!

    Once you complete the Texas parent taught drivers education course the only thing left to do is return to the DPS for your driving test.  

Supported Devices

Take your course on your phone, tablet, laptop, PC, or Mac.  Any device that has a modern browser will allow you to take our course.   No need to download bulky apps, taking up space on your device.   You may also switch between devices as you need to with no interruption to your course.

Looking For Defensive Driving?

We also offer a 6 Hour Texas Defensive Driving course for ticket dismissal and insurance discounts.

View Defensive Driving Info

Learn To Drive

Learn to drive with our online parent-taught driver's education course.  Our course can be taken on any device (phone, tablet, PC, Mac), and is approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.  After the first 6 hours of online learning, you will be eligible to get your Learners Permit.  This will allow you to continue the course and start driving with your approved Parent Teacher!

Instant Certificate Delivery

As soon as you pass your online written exam, you will be presented with your certificate of completion for immediate download.  A copy will also be emailed to you.  We will then provide you with a checklist of items you will need to take with you to your local DPS, where you will take your eye exam and obtain your permit.

Free Written Test

Included with your course is the written test for your permit.  No waiting in line at the DPS office!  Simply take and pass our exam, and you will be given a certificate of completion.  Take that with additional paperwork to your local DPS office, where you will take an eye exam and obtain your permit.

Only $29.00

Our course is currently only $29.00, with no hidden fees.  This includes the 32 hours of online classroom instruction, an observation/behind-the-wheel guide, links to all required paperwork, and the permit exam.