Texas Defensive Driving School, taugth by proffessional comedians, which means this class is absolutely hilareous!

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Texas Driving RecordTexas Driving Record - How do I get mine?

Do you need an official Texas Driving Record?

As of September 2010, the state of Texas has made it easy, now you can request an official Texas Driving Record, online from the convenience of your own home. Comedydriving.com is aware that we all pay enough fees as it is. That’s why we want you to know that you can order your Texas Driving Record on your own and you don’t have to pay us or other random surcharges to obtain a copy. Some courses charge you a fee of up to $50.00 to request your driving record and on top of that they charge you an additional fee in order to e-mail or mail your driving record back to you. That’s insane!!! Let’s do some simple math… If they charge you $25 for the course, $25 for a driving record and $10 to email your driving record, that’s about $60.00 that you pay for the entire course with the driving record!!! What do you pay with us? You simply pay $25 for regular standard mail delivery of your certificate by taking our online course at Texas Defensive Driving Course, then go to www.Texasonline.com and pay the state of Texas only $12 you and you can download/print your Texas Driving Record and complete our course for a total of about $37. You save $23!!!

How do I download my record?

The requirements you need to obtain your Texas Driving record online is easy, simply go to www.Texasonline.com. First, make sure your computer can read and download .pdf documents and that you have a printer to print the record. Before you proceed to enter the site; the state has to verify your computer that it can read .pdf documents. Their website prompts you to perform a simple test to help determine whether or not your computer can read .pdf documents. During this test, when the state asks for a password simply enter “test.” After you verify this process, you will then be taken to a different page to begin the process of obtaining and downloading your driving record. If you do not want to request a copy of your driving record, via the internet you can still do it the old fashion way of requesting it over the mail. This process takes a long time. However, you do not have to pay any additional fees.