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Texarkana Texas Defensive Driving Class

What happens when you put a city on the Eastern border or Texas right into Arkansas?  You get Texarkana.  Texarkana is a city located at the junction of Interstate 30 and US Highway 59 in northeast Texas and southwest Arkansas.   The city is literally divided between two states or jurisdictions can often be in conflict.  The good news is the state line is only miles away so if you have warrants in Texas just move a few blocks down the street and you’re safe in Arkansas.  There is an easier way to avoid getting warrants though.  You could just settle the case in court.  In fact many Texas traffic tickets often become warrants only because the defendant never resolved the issue with the court.

Avoiding a ticket is never a good option and can often cost you more money and time then just handling the ticket in a timely manner.  There’s even an easy way to dismiss a Texas traffic ticket online, Comedy Driving offers Texarkana students a way out of their traffic tickets through our 6-hour driver safety, or defensive driving, course.  The course is completely online so you don’t have to drive anywhere.  You can take it wherever you reside whether it be the Texas part of Texarkana, or the Arkansas part of Texarkana, just as long as you are taking it to dismiss a Texas traffic citation.  Your Texas ticket is literally only hours away from getting dismissed.  So all you need to do is ask the court for permission to take our defensive driving class.  Basically that means you go down to your court (for example: City of Texarkana Municipal Court) and ask them to allow you to take a defensive driving course to dismiss your ticket.  You normally have to pay some court fees and then they allow you to take a defensive driving class.  That is the hard part.  The easy part is signing up with us at www.ComedyDriving.com and taking our course. 

Comedy Driving offers a defensive driving course built on entertainment and convenience.  You can take it anywhere and at your own pace so there’s no need to rush through it you can take it whenever your schedule allows it.  Our course is also one of the funniest courses in Texas we have funny animations, funny videos, and funny blogs.  As you can see if you’re looking to learn and laugh then we got you covered.  So rather then jumping state-lines because of warrants why not take Comedy Driving’s defensive driving class today to dismiss that ticket and put you at ease.

Texarkana Texas Defensive Driving