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Student Comments and Survey Results

Results from our Customer Surveys

  1. Compared to other online courses, how was our course?

    96.1% of the students surveyed said the class was better or it was their first course.

  2. Was the Class Informative?

    97.3% of the students surveyed said the class was informative.

  3. Has this class helped your driving awareness?

    97.6% of the students surveyed said the class helped their driving awareness.

  4. Would you take the class online with us again, if necessary?

    95.4% of the students surveyed said they would take the class again with us.

    Less than 1% of our students at Comedy Driving, Inc. have
    failed our course!

    Additional Student Comments

Great course... loved the way the information was presented

- Carmen D.

This was a very informative course, and I did not get bored once as compared to other courses. No improvement is necessary. Very good. Thank you.

- Amanda B.

You are right on track with the information.

- Sally R.

The course is perfect.

- Leon R.

I thought that this course was very helpful for me. I would just like to say thank you.

Kelly F.

The course was enjoyable to take. Keep up the good work.

- Maurice R.

I love the course just as it is I see no need for changes.

- Cassandra R.

I thought the course was wonderful. Although I didn't plan on needing to take the course, it was informative as well as entertaining. Thank you!

- Krystle C.

The course felt like it took 4 hours. Couldn't you make it shorter?

- Brandon K.

We have many more comments, but you could be spending your time inside the course and getting this defensive driving class done!
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