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Texas Inspection Fees

The fee for inspection of a motor vehicle other than a moped is $12.50. The fee for inspection of a moped is $5.75. Mopeds are cheaper to get inspected because it really doesn't take all that much effort to inspect a Tonka Toy.

The fee for a two-year inspection of a passenger car or light truck is set by the Department of Public Safety which is based on the costs of producing certificates, providing inspections, and administering the program, but may not be less than $21.75.

The Department of Public Safety may also impose an emissions inspection for a vehicle inspected in a county designated by the DPS or a county adjacent to a county designated by the DPS. Usually in highly populated areas like Houston, the DPS requires citizens of Harris County and all surroundings counties to get emissions inspections on their vehicles. Emission tests costs $27.25 and more extensive testing with OOBDII, ASM2 or TSI costs $39.75. These costs are in addition to the initial inspection fee. Big cities always cost you more to get the same thing you would in small towns, but it's usually worth the price to be near civilization.

If you get a ticket for for an inspection sticker, our Texas Defensive Driving Course can help you get that ticket dismissed!