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Humorous Defensive Driving in Texas

There are a lot of options for defensive driving classes all across Texas, but as you slim down your desires for the right defensive driving class, your options become slim as well.  Most people will consider price before they consider anything else.  However, while some defensive driving course providers charge a great deal more than others, most defensive driving course providers charge close to the same price.  When considering the distance required to travel to the classroom, many options are eliminated without giving them a second thought unless you really want to see the sites and hear the sounds of Texas during extremely high temperatures.  Finally, you have to decide between a fun, entertaining defensive driving class or a serious, boring defensive class.  Unless you just like punishment through boredom on top of the stress you're already getting from getting a ticket and paying court fees, a defensive driving class with humor is the way to go.

Regardless of whether the defensive driving course you decide to take is offered in a humorous format or serious format, the lowest price you'll be required to pay is $25.  By Texas law, defensive driving schools must charge each student at least $25 to attend a defensive driving class regardless of how the class is taught.  Some defensive driving course providers charge as much as $69 for the same class that other defensive driving course providers are charging as little as $29.00, such as Comedy Driving, Inc.  For a much lower price, you'd also be getting a comedic spin to the course curriculum.  You might even get a discount on an already lower price class if you've managed to snag a coupon for that particular school.  For a relatively low price, you can get funny and educational, or for a ridiculously high price, you can get the monotonous boredom you might remember from your high school days.  No one wants to relive that.  For a minimum of $25, it would be a good idea to get as much out of the defensive driving class as possible by going to one that is both funny and enlightening.

 Now, you've determined style and price, but there's also distance to travel to the classroom to consider.  Driving a long distance in the potential three-digit temperatures that often occur in Texas, even with the best air conditioner on the planet, can be exhausting and frustrating.  You can very easily and quickly eliminate classroom environments that take longer than you're comfortable driving.  A defensive driving class provider also may not have a schedule that you like.  It might be too early for you to wake up and drive to get there.  It might be too late for you to stay awake and drive to get home.  You could just get caught in rush hour traffic, which puts you in danger, just by being around the abundance of people who probably drive worse than you do.  After dealing with any of those possibilities, you probably won't be the mood to laugh anymore so it's better to find a humorous defensive driving class that fits your schedule and is close to home.

 Once you've narrowed down your choices of humorous defensive driving course providers, your list probably consists of Texas Education Agency approved defensive driving schools and comedy clubs.  Taking a defensive class at a comedy club will often cost you more than it costs if taken at a defensive driving school.  Although, comedy clubs also often give enticements to see a comedy show at their club such as “free” tickets.  Those “free” tickets are really discount tickets.  That extra dollar amount you're paying the defensive driving school is like paying a partial ticket cost.  Since comedy clubs also often give away tickets over social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, paying a higher price for a defensive driving class at a comedy club that charges more than a defensive driving school is paying more than you have to.

 Style, price, distance and even luxuries are all things to consider for a humorous defensive driving class.  Ultimately, it's up to you to decide what's right for you, but hopefully this information has helped guide you in the right direction.

Humorous Defensive Driving Texas