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Defensive Driving In Texas - 6 reasons to take Comedy Driving

Comedy Driving Inc, serving the Houston Area and All of Texas

Texas Defensive driving is a course that no one ever wants to take because it means spending 6 hours of their time in order to learn about an everyday task.

Below are the six reasons why everyone should take a TX defensive
driving course:

  1. Clean Driving Record: In Texas, when you choose to pay for a traffic ticket or moving violation, that infraction will officially be placed on your driving record. Each infraction will add points to your record, which stay on your record for three years. If at any given time you accrue six or more points, you will be required to pay an annual surcharge and you could possibly have your license suspended, until the points on your record drop below six. Completing a defensive driving course can prevent some infractions and violations from adding points to your record. However, in most cases, you are only allowed to take a defensive driving course once every 12 months for a traffic ticket. You should always ask your court for permission before taking a defensive driving course.
  2. Potentially Saves Money: Speeding tickets in Texas can cost a person around $150. If you take defensive driving for a speeding ticket, the court fees will cost you around $100 and defensive driving will cost around $25, saving you around $25. Since taking a defensive driving course can also prevent points from being added to your record, it can also save you money in the long run by keeping you from having to pay the annual surcharges mentioned above.
  3. Insurance Discount: By taking a defensive driving course, your automobile insurance provider may grant you up to a 10% discount. However, not all insurance providers grant this discount so you should ask your provider before taking the class strictly for insurance purposes.
  4. Flexible Schedule: If you opt to take a defensive driving course online then you can take the class based on your own schedule. While all state approved Texas defensive driving courses must be six hours in length, by taking the course online, you can take part of the course as your schedule allows and finish it later when you have more time available. When you take the course online you do not have to complete the course all in one time. While Comedy Driving has defensive driving courses available every day of the week, the scheduled class times may not be convenient for you. Fortunately, their online course is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  5. Quick Certificate Delivery: At Comedy Driving, whether you take the course online or in one of the classrooms, your certificate will be placed in the mail no later than the following business day. If you complete the course before the daily cut-off time, it will be placed in the mail on the same day. It may take about a week for your certificate to arrive in the mail. If you need it faster, there are also options available for overnight deliveries, with an extra fee.
  6. Easily Accessible: If you take the course in a classroom, Comedy Driving has several convenient Texas Defensive Driving locations throughout Houston. The locations are: Katy Freeway, Sugar Land, League City, and Willowbrook.

So now you know defensive driving isn’t hard, but driving without ever getting a ticket is!