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Texas Corporate
Defensive Driving

Many Texas employers require their employees to attend a Texas Defensive Driving course before they are hired. Other companies make employees take the course as an annual or a semiannual requirement. The positions for which the companies require to take a defensive driving course may include delivery driver providers, taxi or limousine drivers, truckers, sales representative, international drivers and a large assortment of other types of commercial drivers. We teach corporate defensive driving classes around the Houston, Katy, League City, Sugar Land, Willowbrook and many other cities in Texas. Corporations are taking advantage of all the great benefits, a defensive driving course provides for their employees. Such benefits include meeting or maintaining corporate standards, safety training, or risk management. Our course is designed to be both educational and entertaining.

How can we get our employees into these courses? If you wish to send your employees to one of our locations, simply give us a call for special pricing, and we can work with you to schedule a location and date for those employees who can attend the class. If you have a large group of employees, like many of our corporate customers, let us know and we can schedule a class at your corporate location. We have a very flexible time schedule for training which can range from a 30 minute driving safety training seminar, to an hour or two hour safety meeting. If requested, we can teach our Texas State approved 6 hour driving safety course onsite. Our staff of comedians is very professional and will keep your group entertained because we believe that groups learn more while they are awake. We have taught groups as small as 5 or 6 employees, to a group as large as 400 employees. We are up to the challenge to meet your company needs.

What sort of credential background do we have? We are approved through the Texas Education Agency and Region XIII for driving safety classes in Texas. We have provided corporate seminars with companies such as Exxon Mobile, Shell, Federal Aviation Administration, British Petroleum, Technip, Valero, DuPont Refinery, Basa Catalyst, YMCA, Houston Zoo, Houston Blood Center, Yumi Ice Cream and many more.

Still need more reasons to call? Here are 10 more……

Reasons for Corporate Defensive Driving

  1. The #1 reason behind fatalities at work is driving.
  2. The #1 reason for work related injuries is driving.
  3. Driver training is often overlooked because driving is so common.
  4. Potential insurance discounts for employees.
  5. 20% of Commercial Drivers make up 40% of total accidents.
  6. Curriculum is taught by Comedy Driving Inc, which has taught hundreds of thousands of drivers across the state of Texas.
  7. Save time and money by being proactive instead of reactive.
  8. Course is structured to your needs and time frames.
  9. Important low cost safety training... that gets everyone's attention in an interactive way in an area of great need.
  10. With our growing litigious society: showing any court (or jury) that you took preemptive measures to prevent accidents and injuries to employees can possibly save your company from damages, negative media reputation and other costs.
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