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Texas Defensive Driving
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Comedy Drivings Online Defensive Driving Texas Course is made up completely of animations and videos. You need to be entertained as well as educated, especially if it’s for 6 Hours!

Below are some screen shots of what you will see in our Texas Defensive Driving Course.

You may also click on any of our sample pages in our menu above to see actual animations used in our course.

The animations are setup to make the class enjoyable and informational. During the Texas Driving Safety School Course, the instructor on the left, and comedian on the right, have interesting, yet different ways of teaching the course.

We use cartoons like the example above to walk you through specific scenarios. You may see road rage in a new light after looking at such cartoons as our Road Rage cartoon above.

The high quality video streaming allows you to sit back and watch informative videos during your driving safety course.

Comedy Driving is a State Approved Defensive Driving Texas course that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays. Our Texas Defensive Driving course is just $25 which is the lowest price available in the state of Texas for online Driving Safety Courses. Come take a tour of our Defensive Driving Texas course to see the funny and enjoyable cartoon animations. is loaded with jokes and laughs to make time fly by. If you would like to enjoy taking a Texas Defensive Driving course, is the perfect place to be. was created by professional comedians who care about the quality of Defensive Driving Texas education.

Getting your ticket dismissed with an online Defensive Driving Texas course is easy, fun, and simple at For only $25 you can take our Texas Defensive Driving course anywhere at any time, so our course is available on smart phones and tablets (iPhone, Android, iPad). With a username and password you can log in and out and take the Defensive Driving Texas course at your very own pace. is an online Driving Safety course that offers the easiest way to get your ticket dismissed.

Enjoy getting your traffic ticket dismissed with a State Certified and Approved Defensive Driving Texas course located at Our Texas Defensive Driving course is the lowest price possible at $25 we include free First Class Mail shipping of your certificate of completion. Once you complete the online Defensive Driving Texas course you will receive a receipt in your email inbox. This State Approved Driving Safety Course is the best way to keep a ticket off your Texas driving record.
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